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Free freestyle track off the up & coming Mic Divine vol.#2 album


This HipHop's giving me goosebumps just hearing my troops thump, every time that i spit its 21 Gun Salute pump, from 2-2 to 2-4 to 2-9 & 2-6, with 2-2 & 2 Claws with 2 nine's & 2 clips, if you fall u lose all you could rise your could slip, but who's you we're too raw we're nice we're too sick, this is a classic collection of Mic Divine intervention my book of rhymes describe a life of perfection in lessons, what's he revealing? what is the devil concealing? what are the people here feeling knowing the God is still building & destroying, to tell the truth there's no avoiding, while all these commercial rappers spit rhymes that's so annoying, don't spit none of that fake sh*t gorilla style ape sh*t, you on some take sh*t i'm on some diggin in the crates sh*t, whenever i spit in basements i shake tectonic plates shift storms & earthquakes hit from Jersey to Las Vegas, but that's just the basics, laying down the basis, the traces of faces i've seen in these places, OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!! inf's so amazing, pages after pages my words gotta be ageless, and priceless. they say i'm one of the nicest cause i paint pictures in corners where ni**az shootin them dices, write my rhymes in papyrus study papers of isis chisel glaciers of ices there's no way to describe this, JUST LOOK AT HIM GOING, whenever i start flowing my body begins glowing tsunamis i spin oceans, illumination of light radiation emitted my crown chakras on fire its shining under my fitted, inf you just sh*tted i can't believe that you did it, you've been rhyming now for a minute but you never admit, i'm from the blocks where Puerto Ricans cut your faces with razors & all them cops from out the precinct wanna chase us with tazors, where whole families are raised on WIC & Government paper, minimum wage slave labors people love you or hate ya, we gotta be self saviors ain't nobody gonna raise us from out this slave of a mental death state that they gave us, YEA!!!!!!!


released October 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Infinite7Mind New Jersey

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